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7. Kurdish wedding cloth from the Jehambelli plateau between Ankara and Konya.
8. Detail of the Kurdish wedding cloth
9. Kurdish tent surround
10.Tent surround, Antep, S.E. Turkey
10.Camel load covering, Persian Baluchistan
12. Tent surround from Baluch tribal area of Pakistan
13. Detail of Baluch tent surround

Part 4

Movement as Nazarlik

A we have noted above, it is believed that ill intentions are attracted by and diverted away by movement.

So features like fringes and tassels are employed for this reason.

Armed with these insights, we scanned the items that Saul had brought for other similar seeming usages.

Shown at the left (pics. 7 & 8 ) is a Kurdish wedding cloth.

Saul said that, like a similar Jewish usage, such a piece was positioned to perform its protective function by being held over the marrying couple's heads, with its tassels hanging down. Another large, three-panel piece (pic. 9 ), a Kurdish "tent surround," did not feature tassels, but was decorated lavishly with crude embroidery done in bright colors.

A third large piece (pic. 10), Saul presented,was another tent surround - probably from Antep - S.E. Anatolia.With an intense bluish purple and although its visibility is not of the "in-your-face" variety, there is a fulsome use of tufting in a secondary diamond design that covers the entire face of both orange and purple panels.

Note also the use of cowry shells (fertility), and blue beads with additional 'found objects.'

One more large piece (pic. 11), I think Saul said, a camel load covering from Persian Baluchistan that seems done mostly in natural dyes but which features lots of surface decoration,including an occasional pink, that may combine to have the desired protective effect. Note the use of silk tufts.

Another piece (pics. 12 & 13) with a seeming surround format is not as tall as the pieces just treated above.

Here are some closer looks at this colorful piece. As one gets closer, one can see that the use of bright colors is very skillful and that the lower edge is packed with lush "tassels." These are tassels that can really attract and divert.

Saul said this was a tent surround from the Baluch tribal area of Pakistan (Barda) - embroidery on cotton, with tassels, small mirrors, shells and triangular amulets – so that all the bases were covered (fertility, protection, distraction, and the bringing in of good luck).

Part 5: Band-shaped Pieces
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