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14. Nazarlik examples including band shaped pieces shown at the top of the photo.
15. Detail of a band
16. A closer look at a band

Part 5:

Band-shaped Pieces

As you can see in the case of some of the narrower surrounds, some band-like shapes can function as nazarlik .

And some are actually bands. They can be long or relatively short. Some are woven, and some are not.

Let's start with some longer examples. They're difficult to see in this overall photo, but at the top of the board (pic.14) there are two longish pieces.

I did not take closer photos of the one at the top, but you can see that is is a kind of narrow band or plaited cord, decorated at intervals with bunched tassels.

The one below it that swoops twice as it crosses is a band with heavily decorated ends. Here is a closer look at the band portion (pic.15)

The bottom picture (pic.16)is even closer.

But is the ends of this piece that attract real attention.

They show that such pieces can feature elaborate use of buttons and beads.

In this case, the movement of the hanging ends is for distraction as well as decoration.

Part 6: Tassels as Nazarlik
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