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24. Detail of the horse decoration shown in pic. 23
25. Horse decoration, Lake Van region
26. Detail of Horse decoration, Lake Van region
27. Baluch horse decoration
28. Turkish hair ornament
29. Turkish horse hair decoration
30. Detail of Turkish horse hair decoration
31. Camel's neck ornament
32. Camel's neck ornament
33. Detail of a woman's belt from Uzbekistan
34. Horse head decoration, Taurus Mtns, Turkey
35. Horse neck piece, Konya Mtns, Turkey
36.Dowr bag, Yunja people, Bergama region, Western Turkey
3B.Strap of dowry bag, Yunja people, Bergama region, Western Turkey

Part 7:

Mirrors as Nazarlik

The horse decoration on the previous page (pic.23) is entirely done in beads decorated at intervals with mirrors.

Here is a closer detail of its center section (pic.24)

Mirrors are used in nazarlik because it is believed that evil does not like to look at itself.

And here is another horse piece (pic.25). This one from the Lake Van region of S.W. Anatolia. A generous application of tassels at the bottom.

Here is a closer detail (pic.26). Note the fine weave and use of silk. These tassels not only keep flies out of the horses eyes, but also distract any passing, ill-intentioned spirit or jinn.

Related to the narrower bands were some items that seem closer to plaits. Some of these were fairly short, like the Baluch horse decorations below (pic.27).Note the use of shells and blue beads and coins.

The next pieces (pic. 28) is a Turkish hair ornament - with all the various accoutrement that one would expect.

Picture 29 is a series of Turkish horse hair tassels attached to a plaited cord. Again with blue beads.

Here is a closer look (pic.30) at the two tassels shown in pic.29

Saul had some larger pieces with band-shaped component .

Picture 31 features a circular heading device and then several hanging band-shaped sections. It is a camel's neck ornament, with cowry shells, blue beads and found objects.The hanging tassels move when the camel is traveling, and thus distracts the evil eye.

Next Saul showed a similar piece (pic. 32), dominated by its "head" device. It has only a few plaited strands hanging down. Below are some closer details of the “head” portion. Note the mirror and blue rings.

The next piece (pic. 33) was also oriented vertically on the board. This is a woman's belt from Uzbekistan. Note the mirrors, blue beads and coins. She seems to have covered every possibility.

The shorter band (pic. 34) was designed to go across a horse's head. It's Turkish, from the Taurus Mountains. It is a woven band decorated with cowry shells and small beads hanging down.

The next piece (pic. 35) was a horse neck piece from the Konya Mountains. This one is done largely in beads with occasional intervening squares of leather decorated with pompoms and gold-colored metal Mashallah (means God Bless – about which more below). Again, a kind of animal decoration with a protective function.

One more band is narrow strap for a dowry piece, decorated its entire length with buttons, and has lots of tassels (themselves decorated with beads) hanging from it (pic.36 & 36B) It is from the Yunju peopel in the Bergama region - Western Turkey.

Part 8: Metal as Nazarlik
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