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37. Woman's headband, Afghanistan
38. Detail of Woman's headband (pic.37), Afghanistan
39. Turkman woman's head decoration
40. Detail of woman's head decoration (pic.39)
41. Kurdish woman's dowry hat with coins
42. Detail of pic. 41, Kurdish woman's dowry hat with coins
43. Turkman child's garment
44. Detail of Turkman child's garment shown in pic. 43

Part 8

Metal as Nazarlik

We saw in part 7 that some bands were decorated in part with mirrors, and Saul had some similar examples decorated with reflecting metal. Picture 37 shows a band worn on a woman's forehead, decorated with gold-colored metal devices from Afghanistan. Pic. 38 shows a closer detail of one end of it. The textile seems framed with embroidery. Notice that the tassels here are metal and bead.

Picture 39 is of another woman's head decoration that is a little wider vertically. It is Turkman, with silver on velvet, and carnelian stones and tassels. Note that carnelian was reputed to ward off evil, and if not would change color (become black) in the presence of evil. A detail is shown in pic. 40

Next is a Kurdish woman's wedding headband (pic.41) decorated heavily with coin-like metal devices. A detail follows (pic.42).

The Turkoman child's garment shown in picture 43 is also heavily encrusted with metal devices.This is heavy "ju-ju" for the infant. Pic. 44 is a detail. Note the large silver medallion with carnelian in the center.

Part 9: Buttons, Beads & Cowry Shells as Ways to influence the Unseen Worlds.
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