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70. Spoon bag
71. Wooden spoons used in the spoon bag, pic. 70
72. Spoon bag with spoons
73. Detail of spoon bag shown in pics 70 & 72
74.Side compartment of spoon bag shown in pics 70, 72 & 73
75. Kurdish saddle bag
76. Detail of Kurish saddle bag shown in pic. 75
77. Baluch salt bag
78. Koran bag from Uzbekistan
79. Detail of the Uzbek koran bag shown in pic. 78
80. Baktiari rifle hangers, Iran
81. Detail of Baktiari rifle hangers shown in pic. 80
82. Obruk weaver's bag
83. detail of the Obruk weaver's bag shown in pic. 82

Part 11

Nazarlik in the Kitchen

Saul also had an example of a spoon bag (pic.70). Such bags are convenient holders for kitchen spoons. Saul had a couple of wooden spoons (pic. 71), with calligraphy from the Koran - an added blessing, that will be discussed specifically below - and placed them in this bag (pic. 72) to demonstrate how such bags are used. Not, in fact, a bad idea. Picture 73 is a closer look at the center compartment of this spoon bag and also one of one of the two side compartments (pic 74).

Picture 75 is of a complete set of Kurdish saddle bags from S.E.Anatolia. This piece has a long connecting piece and two bags at its ends. Stripes in bright colors and tassels hanging down the front are used to effect protection. Pic. 76 shows a detail.

The next piece (pic. 77) is a salt bag from the Baluch peoples of Pakistan. Notice the fringes and tassels.

Picture 78 shows a small bag, another of the Koran bag type. Very finely woven - from Uzbekistan (detail, pic 79).

The next two items (pic.80) are a format not frequently seen: a set of hangers for one's rifle. They were made by Baktiari in Iran. The colors here are very good and appear natural. Tassels, beads and cowry shells are employed to protective effect. Pic. 81 is a closer look at the one on the right above. Good use of stronger colors and graphics.

The next bag (pic. 82) is an Anatolian weavers bag from the Obruk region near Konya. Strong graphics, seeming pom poms cowry shells, beads, feathers, buttons and tassels are featured (pic. 83).

Part 12: Shape as Nazarlik
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