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Rug Morning Session at The Textile Museum
with Saul Barodofsky

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There is only one book devoted to these bags. It is "Bergama Cuvallari," by Doris Pinkwart and Elisabeth Steiner. It has good color photos, with a text in German, but includes a short English summary by Josephine Powell. Jerry Silverman and I have pointed out prevously that these are a group of "killer bags," so far rather neglected by collectors.

Similar grain bags were woven in more eastern parts of Turkey. Saul had a pair, woven by Kurdish weavers in the Malatya area.

Again, the condition of these old pieces was pristine.

Next Saul presented what he called a "butterfly" bag from Central Turkey.

Graphically very attractive with an interesting centre carrying strap

One hears frequently, Saul said, that all the old collectible material in Turkey is gone. Well, it may be less frequently encountered, but Saul brought evidence that this statement is not entirely true. Here is the first of two kilims that he bought recently in Turkey.

This is a full kilim from Central Turkey. Saul estimated that it was made either in the late 18th or the early 19th century. The condition is excellent.

Here is a closer look at a detail of this piece.

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