Sun Bow Trading : Tribal and Nomadic Art for Sale : Clothing

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Prior to the introduction of machine woven fabrics, and machine sewing - there was only hand work. Traditional clothing - all hand crafted - has been a joy and delight to us. Both in the 'finding' and in the collecting. Especially children's clothing. They are very special.

Beaded belt

Greek Island Woman\

Turkoman Bangle

Turkoman Bangles

Turkoman Womans Wimple

Uzbek Beaded Necklace

Uzbek Beaded Necklace with White Jade

Embroidered Turkoman Hat

Embroidered Turkoman Hat

Embroidered Turkoman Hat

Afghan Turkoman Hat

Embroidered Turkoman Hat

Ikat Chapan

Bursa Village Embroidered Dress

Tadjik Embroidered Belt

Embroidered Turkoman chapan

Hindu Kush Region Robe with Gold Thread

Ottoman Jacket

Uzbek Hat

Sivas embr. woollen robe

Ottoman womans wedding jacket

Girls underdress

Obruk underdress

Turkoman Childs Robe

Yuruk hair ornament

Karapinar shepherds coat

Uzbek childs hat

Afghan Turkoman hat

Turkoman hat Mazar i Sharif

Uzbek Hat

Tekke Hat

Uzbek Baby Hat

Uzbek Hat

Anatolian hair ornament

Hairfall with beads

Mirrored beaded belt

Yuruk hair ornament

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